Freedom Programme

Freedom Programme Facilitator

The Freedom Programme is an education tool for identifying and understanding domestic abuse.  It is free and available to any woman whether she is in an abusive relationship or she has left the abusive relationship
Self referrals only
All women over 16 are welcome
We never give advice or tell a woman that she should leave
Facilitators refer to all women as “us” and would never use the dreaded words “these women”
The programme is for 11 weeks, each session is 2 hours long with a comfort break somewhere in the middle.
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The dominator was inspired by the Duluth Domestic Violence Intervention Project in Minnesota.

Below is a list of some of the tactics used by a dominator:-

The Bully – Glares, shouts, smashes things

The Jailer – Stops you from working

The Headworker – Puts you down

The Persuader – Threatens to kill you

The Liar – Denise any abuse

The Badfather – Says you are a bad father

The King of the castle – Treats you like a slave

The Sexual Control – Rapes you