I'm a SODA Campaign 2021

My support group is called SODA, which stands for Survivors of Domestic Abuse.

I’m looking for male and female SODAs who have experienced domestic abuse, irrelevant of how long ago it was or even what type of abuse it was, to take part in this campaign.  I’m simply looking for a short video (no longer that 20 seconds)  of you saying, I’m a SODA (not I’m a survivor but I’m a SODA).  If possible, leave a 10 second gap before you start the recording and after the recording.

The aim of the campaign is to collate all the videos into one huge video for all SODAs to be proud of how far they have come, what they have achieved and to raise hope and inspiration by sharing the video on all of their social media platforms.

All videos are to be EMAILED only to info@awareness4all.uk

For those wanting to take part, please email your videos by 22nd February 2021.

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