Amanda Redman MBE Ambassador for SODA


I’m a survivor of domestic abuse and after leaving my own abusive relationship set up my own support group called SODA (Survivors of Domestic Abuse) which raises awareness and reduces isolation.  

I joined Twitter in April 2010 and haven’t stopped tweeting about domestic abuse since.  For me it’s a wonderful platform to raise awareness but al an opportunity to reach out to celebrities.  I used Twitter as a positive platform to launch my MTAB Campaign – More Than Bruise – which I launched in December to shine a light on how victims don’t have to be hit to be a victim of domestic abuse.  It was my first campaign and I wanted to give it as much publicity on social media as I could, to raise vital awareness for those who were in abusive relationships during lockdown.

I sent a Direct Message to Lady Karren Brady, Matthew Wright, Annette Badland, Louise Emerick, Amanda Redman, John Challis, Matt Hoy and Dee Kelly – all of whom said they would be an image for my campaign.

Throughout the month of December I released an image of a person, survivor, celebrity or local business, together with a quote about coercive control and controlling behaviour.  I was humbled to see so many celebrities wanting to support my campaign, which in turned helped me raise much needed awareness.

Born on 12th August in Brighton, Amanda Jacqueline Redman MBE is an English actress known for her roles as Sandra Pullman in the BBC One series New Tricks and Dr Lydia Fonseca in The Good Karma Hospital.  I first made contact with Amanda by messaging her on Twitter asking if she had anything she was willing to donate to SODA as a raffle prize for an upcoming event.  She responded quickly and donated a gorgeous evening dress to the cause.  Amanda also shared many of my MTAB tweets throughout the month of December helping me raise awareness for others.

On New Year’s Eve I sent Amanda another DM but this time I didn’t expect such a positive and prompt response. On 1st January 2021, Amanda Redman said yes to becoming an Ambassador for SODA .  This is what she had to say.

“I just feel it’s a very important cause to be a part of and wanted to support SODA and Sam in all the important work that they are already doing” said Amanda.  “I supported the MTAB campaign whole heartedly as it was launched at the beginning of December; we often see a spike in Domestic Abuse cases during the festive period and with the lockdown it was vital we reached out to as many people as we could”.  “I am keen to see what we are going to be working on next in our aim to raising awareness, reducing isolation and supporting SODAs”

Having Amanda support SODA is just amazing not only for me personally but the extra drive & determination it’s going to bring to the cause and community.  I’m humbled she said yes!



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